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Hermès Karel is a juggler, moving from soul to pop and jazz. His crystalline voice allows him his boldness. He sings both in French and English. 

Hermès is a singer-songwriter in French and English. Thanks to his crystalline voice Hermès juggles within different styles : Interpreting soul, pop, french and international varieties covers or revisiting jazz standards in the skin of a Crooner. 

Since his childhood there has been a close relationship between the Music and him. At six years old Hermès became a member of a choir and was barely nine years old when he composed his first songs without knowing how to read a musical note. Composing was inevitable, as an obsession to which he could not escape even on the benches of the school. Always Composing, to exist, to create and to write again and again !! This was the only food that managed to satisfy his growing appetite.

In a artistic world in constant evolution Hermès adapts himself giving more importance by the performance on the stage with the public. He is positive about this change as according to him the performer more than his mere talent is now judged by his ability to swing with his music creating a unique atmosphere between the artist and his public. Capturing the spirit of the times, you can attend one of his performance in a piano bar, a Jazz Club, in a luxurious hotel or eventually in a private function.

His main goal is to genuinely invite his audience to Open their eyes to the essential, to focus more on the Being than seeming, to let people be who they truly are and in fine to speak directly to their Hearts. What he likes the most is to explore various artistic universes while adding his own personal touch. His path has guided him through numerous opportunities to improve his performance skills and  fuel his inspiration as a songwriter composer. Through his songs and interpretations, Hermès modestly wants to be a "Courier of Perseverance and Love willing to contribute to a better world."